Monday, January 18, 2010

Daddy Has Purple Pride

Amelia's daddy is pretty happy today...because the Vikings won yesterday! In fact, they trampled the Cowboys.

Amelia and I got home from church yesterday afternoon and I heard the TV on. I was really confused as I walked into the living room. Then I put it all together, Jason's car was outside and the game was on...he had left work early to watch it.

Part way into the game I took Amelia to her room and dug out a special outfit for her:

She was a cheerleader for her daddy's team. My mom found the outfit at a yard sale, brand new, for $5. I wasn't sure she'd fit into it well (it is a 2T) but it fit pretty decently!

They had fun watching the game together:

We prematurely made a "victory feast" of ribeyes, baked potatoes and cheesy broccoli noodles during the third quarter.

We had one tired cheerleader on our hands by the end of the night:

A close-up of that sweet little face:

Even Poopy has purple pride:

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