Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Running Around

I am pretty exhausted tonight. Amelia and I ran around town all day. It is almost time to crawl into bed and watch some SVU on DVD before bedtime :)

I do want to share this incredibly short, and I'll admit it - staged, video of Amelia. She does this to us all the time and it is so hard to catch on video so I had to work with her a little tonight on it.

She is so smart. She takes off in a direction towards something/somewhere she shouldn't be and when she hears us coming she pauses and then quickly either lays down on her side or sits up, like she wasn't doing anything wrong. The other day she was headed down this same hallway and I yelled, "hey!", and she stopped, laid on her side, looked at her kitchen, then at me, then back at her kitchen and grabbed one of the pots like she was playing the whole time. As soon as I turned my back she continued booking it down the hall, with the pot. Her intelligence is astonishing to me sometimes. She is so smart!

I also want to share some of the silly sights that we saw while out on our journeys today...

Asset Protection at Target:

How modern of them.

A giant, bright yellow, advertising chicken:

I'll be honest, it didn't make me want to eat at "Wing Zone" at all.

Lastly, here is the tired little baby that I had to wake up when we finally got home for the last time:

She was drooling all over the place!

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