Monday, January 18, 2010

Cleaning Day

NOTE: The 2 videos on here don't seem to be working right now. They were working yesterday, so I am going to just leave it be and see if they start working again. I am hoping it is just an issue Blogger is having.

Today, on our last Monday off as a family, we cleaned. We cleaned the house and we did our laundry! Amelia is a funny kid. She is terrified of most of her toys that make noise but she loves the vacuum cleaner:

After cleaning around the house, we headed to the laundromat. Amelia tried her best to help out:

She kept closing the door on me:

(I took this through the door)

Wait, that's not right!

While we finished getting things going in the washer, we had to contain Amelia somehow:

Doesn't that look like fun? It was until she tipped the thing over. She didn't get hurt but at that point I had hurt myself:

It has gotten worse since I took this picture too. Basically, as I was closing one of the washers I heard Amelia shriek and turned quickly to make sure she was ok in her "cage". Well, she was. It was a happy shriek. I, however, had smashed my middle finger in the door handle. It is all bruised underneath the nail today. I am not even using that finger to type. It hurts that much!

Amelia is so fascinated by washers:

She is also fascinated with laundry carts:

In fact, we spent a good chunk of the night wheeling a laundry cart around while Amelia crawled after us. She was so determined to catch us! I tried to get a picture of her concentrated little face but they never turned out. I can show you this:

That is how dirty you get crawling around on the floor at the laundromat.

This is a video from yesterday morning:

This is what Amelia does these days. She plays and all of a sudden starts crying. I am to the point where I am starting to think it is hilarious. I know she is fine. I think she knows she is fine too. So why the crying?

ps - I showed Amelia this video and she watched it and smiled. So apparently she thinks it is funny too...after the fact!

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