Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kitty Clubhouse

Well, tonight Lucky and Ludo disappeared. I looked around and then realized that I knew where they were...the kitty clubhouse!

What is the kitty clubhouse? Well, it is our bed. Yep. They have managed to tear apart the bottom of the box spring which gave them their own secret lair.

I remember the day we discovered their secret lair. We were getting ready to leave town and I just wanted to make sure they were all here before we left (our neighbor, Ellen, was going to be checking in on them) and Ludo was nowhere to be found. I got really upset because I thought he had gotten out while we were packing the car. After thirty minutes of searching, Jason found the bed. Since then they have continued to make more entrances to their lair, like this one:

Here is a peak into their lair:

Oh yeah, this baby is two floors! Why you may ask? Once they tore down the sides to create entrances, the middle sank down. Two floors are created by a huge down blanket under the foot of the bed and 2 large rubbermaid containers (you know, the long ones made for under the bed) under the bed towards the head). Ludo has chosen the lower level, with the large down blanket I mentioned, as his recovery spot:

Lucky kept him company from above:

(he is atop one of the rubbermaids I mentioned)

There you have it. Everyone has a secret clubhouse at some point in their lives. Even cats.

ps - Poopy goes into the clubhouse from time to time. Tonight, he was more interested in keeping me company while I tried to take some pictures than going in and joining his brothers.

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