Thursday, January 21, 2010

Friday Fails - What a Week!

This week was full of fails for me. Little things that I laugh about now. Some big, some small. So many silly things happened this week. I know I can't think of them all but here are some of the things that I "failed" on this week:

Baby Food Fail: We finally cleaned out the refridgerator this week. Among the things thrown out were avacadoes...avacadoes for baby food. Avacadoes that I bought before Christmas... When we were getting ready to go home for Christmas I realized they were still sitting out so I threw them in the fridge so I could make the baby food when we got back. Well, I never did and now, a month later, I finally parted with them. The apples still seem ok so I can make applesauce this weekend or Jason and I can eat the apples!

Laundry Fail: We did our laundry Monday. Among the things that we washed was all of the guest bedroom bedding because Ludo was holed up in there pre-surgery and we figured we should wash it all since it was covered in litter! Well, it is now Thursday night and this is what the spare bed looks like:

I still have not made the bed! I don't honestly think I will do it tomorrow either! Oops! I might as well have left the dirty stuff on there for the cats to lounge on for another week or two!

Car Seat Fail: This fail is a bit more serious than the others...

See the problem in that picture? One of her buckles isn't done! When I buckled it something must have been caught in there so it came open while we were driving! I need to make sure I double and triple check that from now on! I know it must have been our error because I don't think there is any way she could have gotten it un-done! I am so thankful we weren't in an accident with her belt like this!

I would also label today a "fail". We didn't do one thing today! Amelia got up at one in the morning, finally went back down closer to two and then slept until 1030! Since we don't really set alarms anymore that means we also slept until 1030! We got up, I had a headache (which I often do when I sleep in) so we stayed in our jammies. We ate lunch and then all went down for naps at 1 p.m. Jason left for work right before 3 and Amelia and I napped until 4. What a lazy day! While it was nice to lounge and relax all day, I feel so incredibly lazy and that is why I am calling today a "fail"!

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Rachel said...

A lazy day every once in awhile is will only be a fail if it becomes a habit!! Not making the bed is definitely something I would do! :)

Myra said...

Oh goodness! The carseat would have freaked me out!!!

And I LOVE lazy pj days! They're not a fail in my book! Ha!

Thanks for linking to Friday Fails! Isn't this fun??