Sunday, September 20, 2009

Catching Up

This month is FLYING by. I can't believe that it is almost October! I have been very busy this month, so far, and I anticipate I will be very busy for the next twelve weeks (ie- until graduation). I miss (sometimes deliberately) phone calls a lot lately. Usually it is because I am in the middle of something, or I just finished something and just want to sit down or I just plain can't talk (for a variety of reasons). So, I am going to take some time tonight and catch everyone (well, everyone who reads this) up on what's going on around here since I just cannot spend the time calling people. In all honesty, aside from quick calls to my mom I will probably not be able to return phone calls until Wednesday, at the earliest.

Let's see, my last post was Thursday. Friday I worked,as usual, and my parents arrived in Milwaukee not too long after I got off work. There is not a lot to tell about Friday night aside from we welcomed visitors. Amelia was ready for a nap after being up for only a few hours on Saturday morning. I had to get ready to leave, so I crossed my fingers and laid her on a blanket and I got lucky, she stayed asleep! Lucky even joined her on the blanket:

(her eyes are slits, like in this picture, when she sleeps. It is strange and sometimes freaks me out)

Saturday morning Amelia impressed my parents and I by sitting on her own extremely well! She can usually do it, leaning forward, but it never lasts too long. Saturday morning it lasted long enough to get the camera and snap a picture with her still very upright:

Saturday morning my parents and I went to Bayshore Town Center (basically, an outdoor mall). I had to get my sunglasses and eyeglasses adjusted (both sat on my face just terribly). While we were there we were discussing eye exams and how I had not had one in four years, so the girl told us that she could get us in that afternoon. We walked around for a bit and then I went in for my appointment. My eyesight has not changed much in four years, which is great! I did get new glasses though. I was kinda let down when they said they'd be ready in 7-10 days (vs the one hour I have waited for most other pairs). Oh well, I am getting better lenses than I usually get, so it should be worth the wait :)

Once we got home from Bayshore we did a little more sitting:

Here she is mid-fall-over, sporting her "camera smile" (the smile she makes when she sees the orange light on the camera shining):

I headed into work Saturday evening and my parents walked down to the Bay View Bash after Amelia was in bed. They didn't stay long, they just sort of passed through it on their evening walk.

This morning (Sunday) Amelia was very interested in Grandpa's coffee...she almost looked like she was asking permission to have some:

She sucked on the edge of the cup for awhile (and I think some actual coffee may have splashed her little lips...):

She kept pulling away from it and then immediately wanted to suck on it again. Maybe the smell of fresh coffee was just too much for her? She still wanted it though, badly! Perhaps we should have named her Lorelai after all? (some of you will get that and laugh)

Once we were all ready we went to the Pancake House for breakfast. I was a little sad, they aren't offering their pumpkin pancakes yet...I guess I will just have to go back :) Here is Amelia and her grandparents at breakfast this morning:

After we ate we stopped at the Public Market on our way home. None of us had ever been there and we wanted to just check it out. There was a lot of neat stuff in there! My mom and I tried root beer custard and it was good! My dad had key lime, which my mom said tasted better. We saw watermelon after we had paid and everything, I am getting that next time (if they have it)!

My parents left this afternoon. After they left Amelia and I ran to Target to get her some more prunes. She ate all of the ones we had, mixed in with her cereal, so it was time to get more. Prunes must be popular, there were only 3 packages left out of all the brands! We will continue to buy prunes because we just aren't sure how to make our own own baby prunes. Amelia has grown to love prunes! When we got home I fed her some, without cereal this time, and she ate the entire "tub"! (to me a tub=one of the containers from a double pack of Gerber foods).

While I was at Target I also picked up Huggies "Pure & Natural" diapers. Her butt is SO much better then it was a couple of weeks ago. I am hoping that these diapers will help keep it that way! We have not had the best luck with Huggies (they never fit her little body well) so I got a size larger than she would wear this time. I think that might do it. They just seem too small on her when they are the "right" size.

This weekend Amelia showed an extreme interest in computers. She was relentless at getting at my mom's while she was on it! While I was making my usual rounds through Target I saw a "Baby Learning Laptop". It was on sale which I took to mean, Amelia needs it! It is a little obnoxious but she seemed to enjoy it! Here are some pictures of her with her new toy:

This evening, Amelia was playing on the floor by herself and I looked over and she was up on all fours for the first time! I grabbed the camera, turned it on, pushed the button and it didn't take a picture :( Instead it took a video :) Here it is, so you can all see this milestone Amelia has now reached:

I have one more video that I wanted to post of Amelia at breakfast, but it takes so long to upload them and then it squishes everything together and I have to go back through and space stuff out so it posts right and I just don't have the time to do that right now. Keep an eye out for it though, if I need a quick post one day I can start that upload, walk away, and come back and hit "publish"!

I REALLY need to get to some other things now. I have homework and would like to pick up around here a bit. I also have a Redbox movie, Sunshine Cleaning, that I still have not watched. I want to watch it before Tuesday (which would mark one week of having it in the DVD player). Hopefully everyone had a good weekend too!

ps- thanks for all the comments lately everyone! It is encouraging to get feedback on this. It reminds me that there are people out there checking in on us :)

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