Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day Weekend!

Amelia and I got away this weekend for the annual trip north, to Marie's cabin:

We left early Friday morning and got to the cabin in the early afternoon. The drive went smoothly, other than the screaming baby in the backseat :( She did not travel as well this weekend as she did when we went to Minnesota the other week. I think that she is just tired of being in the car. We have been in the car a lot the past couple weeks. All that is over now though, so she gets a break!

After we got our things unpacked and had a late lunch we all changed into our suits, including Amelia. She wasn't too sure about being in the cold lake water... She was very interested in it though and once we took her lifejacket off, and held her close, she had more fun:

Later that night we went on a walk and got a good view of the full moon as it rose:

We also saw a doe and fawn on our walk!

Saturday Amelia went on her first boat ride.

Again, she wasn't thrilled about her lifejacket, but she did well! She actually fell asleep in my arms:

While Marie and Lisa fished (I didn't get a license this year, figuring I should concentrate on Amelia in the boat vs fishing) Amelia napped in her "tent" we made her on the floor of the boat (to keep her out of the sun):

She eventually woke up from her nap...

...and enjoyed the view:

Amelia got to help drive the boat home:

After boating, Amelia had some outside play time in her pack 'n' play:

(there is a bug net over it, that is why the picture is a bit odd)

While us adults played some cards, also outside:

(Amelia looked up just in time for this picture, too cute!)

After her nap, she helped me play cards:

Would you have guessed it? She was not much help at cards, so she had some play time on Lisa's quilt:

After cards it was time to relax. Amelia did her relaxing in the hammock:

And this is just a silly picture from Saturday evening:

Sunday we went out boating/fishing again. Amelia took a nap on the boat again:

When she woke up she was a silly girl:

When we got back we got ready to walk to Fireman Fun Day to get some ice cream. Amelia was looking stylish:

On our walk we enjoyed all the fall colors:

Amelia had her supper at the picnic table:

She was pretty upset when she ate all her cereal:

This morning we got up and got into our suits one last time. Remember that 18 mos size suit I found last week? Here is our 6 mos. old peanut in it:


We went on one last boat ride to the sandbar. Amelia likes the boat better when she has her shades on. It helps to keep the wind out of her eyes.

While we were out on the sandbar we saw the water plane out flying. We call him "Mo" (those who have seen Sweet Home Alabama may get the joke):

While Amelia napped we got a picture of the three of us (using the self timer):

After Amelia woke up we let her get in the water for a bit:

And one final picture of us girls from the weekend before we left this afternoon:

Amelia and I made it home 7 hours later and stopped at Honeypie so she could see her daddy (and daddy could see her) before bedtime. Now instead of unpacking the car, I am writing this. I think now that I am finished, I had better get things out of the car!

Thanks Marie and Lisa for a great weekend! We had a LOT of fun!

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