Sunday, September 13, 2009

Buggy Buddy Giveaway

I read several other blogs of people who I have never met (it's actually not that strange I have found. There are entire communities online of people who have never met). They are other mothers and I like reading them for various reasons. The blog where this giveaway is is one I came upon in my quest to make baby food and since then I have checked it once a week for any other pointers among other things!

This Tuesday there is a giveaway of a "Buggy Buddy" (which will protect babies from the germs on shopping carts). I have been looking online, specifically at, for a cover like this. Amelia is not quite sitting on her own yet, so she is still in her carseat when we are at the store, but the time is coming when she will be sitting in it all on her own!

I have entered to win a beautiful black and white "Buggy Buddy" on this blog. Blogging about the giveaway/product is another way that I can enter, so here I am! Plus, I love this particular cover the most so far. Below is a picture (which I snagged from the giveaway's home site, Happy Housewife Living Life) and it shows all the features, including a spot for a sippy cup on the inside! I have not found another one that include something as practical as that yet!

Anyways, hopefully we will win the giveaway and it not, I might visit the Etsy site (click here if you are also interested, it will bring you to her Etsy homepage) of the maker and order one from her, since I like hers the most so far (and I have been looking for a few weeks now)!


the misses of the blisses said...

very cool! I hope you win! I have a cart cover thing that also works on restaurant high chairs, I love it! It also keeps toys attached to the cart as well as being way more sanitary!!

Mimi said...

Good luck on the giveaway! I'm so glad you found us, and isn't Myra's blog great?!
If you don't happen to win the Buggy Buddy, give us a chance to make you one! I make them, and I make them like my grandbaby would be using it.
Just wanted to drop you a note. By the way, our Buggy Buddy fits the square high chairs in restaurants, also. Mimi