Friday, September 11, 2009

6 Month Well Visit

This morning was Amelia's 6-month well check up. First things first though, we discovered that Amelia and her cats share an interest...strings. We dug out the cat's favorite toy (an old string with a fish toy tied to one end) and threw it on the floor. Here is a picture of Amelia and Lucky from this morning:

She would wave it back and forth and when I took this Lucky was actually batting at it a little. Maybe this will help them be better friends in the future? (the cats pretty much always walk/run away from the poor little thing at this point)

Amelia is still growing well! She is 14 pounds 10 ounces (which is just barely above the average for a 6 month old), 26.75 inches long (still a tall girl, 75% percentile) and her head measured in at 43 cm/17 inches around (75% percentile, a big head for all of those brains she has). Amelia was VERY busy at the doctor. She kept pulling and grabbing at the stethoscope when Dr. Hing was trying to hear her heart among other things :)

We mentioned her diaper rash from last week and the doctor gave us a few things to try in order to prevent it. She will be getting one diluted bottle a day, so that she gets some extra water in her to prevent constipation (she won't drink just water, she spits it out and makes a disgusted face). We will also be starting her on some fruits next week, likely prunes or blueberries (the doctor said these will likely help loosen her stools).

We have planned all along to make our own baby food but for when we are introducing a new food we will use a store bought jar, in case she ends up being allergic or it just doesn't sit well with her. No sense in making a whole bunch and then having to throw it out! I am hoping to start running again tomorrow and will try and make it to the store to get her some fruits :) (I haven't been running this week due to congestion from allergies when I was up north. Even when I ran up north, I went a short distance and I was so plugged up I was out of breath, no fun! I am feeling MUCH better today and can breath almost 100% out of my nose again, so I feel more up to running)

And the shots...we had a couple today :( And we were the parents that took pictures of the here is one:

She was not a happy girl at all!

Amelia also had to have her hemoglobin tested, which they do from a finger prick. She actually did really well with this one, not a peep out of her and she was pricked twice! (there are 2 sized of things to prick with and the nurse tried the smaller one first, to minimize pain I guess, and it wasn't big enough, so she had to use the larger one on a different finger)

I think she was more curious about what was going on than anything:

See her little finger with it's bandage?:

I got a call this afternoon from the nurse and Amelia is mildly anemic. Jason went to the pharmacy to pick up "ferinsol" (available OTC) and they were out. Starting Monday (when it comes in because they were out) she will get 2 drops a day, in her bottles and her levels will be re-checked in December at her 9-month visit.

Time to relax now! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

*I must add, I am wearing so many layers because I was headed to work pretty much right after the appointment. At work I typically wear a sweater to protect my white shirt and also my ties. So, that is why Amelia is in summer clothes and I am wearing a sweater and pants... (my mom commented on our conflicting outfits, so I am clearing it up for any others who might have wondered.


jen12685 said...

So glad to hear that all is well!

She is looking so much older than 6 months, it's crazy!

:) Jen

the misses of the blisses said...

J had his finger pricked yesterday and had to wear a bandage over it... I dont know why they even bother with big bandages for such tiny fingers. Oh well, Im glad her appt went well. Her and Josiah both have big heads. It's because they are smart!:)