Thursday, September 24, 2009

Adventures in Baby Food: Applesauce

This morning I made my first batch of baby food for Miss Amelia. I made her applesauce. I started out with ten gala apples:

I peeled them and cut them up. (I dropped one apple into the garbage during this process, woops) I then placed them in a pot full of water to boil them:

I boiled them until they were fork-tender. I then placed them into the food processor:

(thanks for getting this for us mom and dad, it made this a breeze!)

Once the apples were pureed, I put half into a bowl and added the leftover water from boiling to the other half. I ran that through the processor one more time until the applesauce was to the consistency I wanted. Then I repeated this with the other half of the pureed apples:

When I was finished I put the applesauce into ice cube trays and put 4 servings into re-used baby food containers for tomorrow and Saturday:

Later this evening, I put the frozen applesauce cubes into a storage container:

From what I have read, a typical serving will be two cubes. So, including the servings in the fridge, I got about 20 servings of apples out of 9 apples. The entire process took me just over an hour with most of the time spent peeling and slicing the apples. Next time I will get Jason to help and we can probably shave about twenty minutess off of the process!

I can't wait to make more foods for her! Making our own baby food is going to save us so much money and it feels good to be making our own food for Amelia.

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Anonymous said...

Your Grandfather made his applesauce in the microwave. He would use a variety of apples, peel, and cut into slices and start cooking stirring as needed. Melissa and Monica like it with a little cinnamon, and sugar.