Thursday, September 17, 2009

Second Food: Prunes

This morning it was finally time to try another food! Amelia has had some constipation problems since starting "solids" because she refuses to drink water, so she is getting a little dehydrated. The doctor suggested we try prunes or applesauce for her next food. We got both and this morning gave her some prunes.

Here are some pictures Jason took while I was feeding Amelia:

We also took a video of some of the faces she was making:

This afternoon Amelia and I went to Sarah's parents house in Brookfield so Sarah's mom could meet Amelia. They got Amelia a really neat doll:

It is a little "advanced" for her at this point. It will help her learn to button things, once the doll's coat is unbuttoned there is also a zipper for her to practice with. There is also a part that will help her learn to tie things and another to practice fastening things. For now it is just a doll to her though :)

Once we were back home I tried with the prunes again. This time I mixed it in with some rice cereal and Miss Amelia had two full servings and another half serving! She liked it much better this way :) I will mix them again tomorrow, with a bit more prunes in it each time until she can eat just plain ol' prunes.

My parents are coming in tomorrow night so I really need to get back to picking this place up. For those of you who know me well, you know that I was a NEAT FREAK. Times have changed and I am more "relaxed", as Jason would say. So, that means that when we are expecting someone I actually NEED to clean. I just wanted to take a break to blog since I have been posting less and less this month. Sorry! School is keeping me busy already :)

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Anonymous said...

do you add cayenne pepper or pop rocks to get her to make those face? - Marcie