Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First Video Uploads!

I am trying to get some good videos of Amelia at her finest, but she seems to stop whatever it is she is doing to stare at the camera usually!

Here is Amelia flashing a few smiles at the camera:

Here is a cute video of her sucking on her hand (she doesn't seem to grasp how to suck her thumb, she prefers her whole hand):

I am hoping that with time I get some more videos on here that are a little more interesting! I know that my mom and Grandma will appreciate these at least...and maybe a few others!
(Grandma, if you are not sure how to watch these, call me or mom. I think you should be able to figure it out though, I hope!)

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the misses of the blisses said...

I also enjoyed the videos! Josiah also preferred his whole hand instead of just his thumb. He also usually stops what he is doing to look at the camera which makes videos a challenge! She is looking so good!