Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

This morning I worked all of 2 hours, headed home, saw Jason for about 10 minutes and he left for work. I then spent the afternoon feeding Amelia and getting us ready for church. We made it on time even :) Her Easter dress is beautiful. She looked like a little lady tonight! (thanks Kim!)

Ready to go!

The dress without her Pooh cardigan.

This morning she wore her "relaxing/lounging" Easter outfit. It made her shoulders look big and box-like :)

She already had this dirty by the time I got home from work! I washed it by hand insome cold water right away and it came clean (not that she will likely wear it again, lol).

Jason should be home from work soon, so we will have a late Easter dinner together since I have not eaten yet. He says he made some sandwiches at work for us, sounds good, I am starving!

We hope everyone had a nice Easter.

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