Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another Busy Day :)

Jason's mom and her parents came to Milwaukee today. We had a lunch of pizza from Classic Slice and then took them over to the East Side (where we used to live and currently both work) and showed them around. We started out by taking alook at the theatre that I work at and then picked a few things up from Whole Foods and then took a walk and showed them where our first apartment was.
After the walk we went to Jason's work, Balzac, so that his grandparents could see where he currently works (for the next couple of weeks at least). While we were there I had my first beer in eleven months. The doctor told me that if I had one, on a full stomach, it would not affect my milk much at all and Amelia would be fine. As someone who has always enjoyed the taste of beer, it was nice to have one today.
Here are some pictures from today, as well as one of us as a family at the art museum (last Saturday) since they are now on my computer!

Dinner for Amelia at Botanas!

Tomorrow Jason's family will be coming back over in the morning to visit some more. Jason works at 6, a little later than normal!
Once Amelia is asleep tomorrow night, I have to take my WI Responsible Beverage server's course so that I can apply for my bartender's license. My work is eventually getting alcohol and all employees need to be licensed bartenders since there are many times when we will be the only ones around and serving.

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