Friday, August 27, 2010

State Fair 2010 - Trip 1

Yesterday was the start of the "great Minnesota get-together"...also known as the MN State Fair...also known as the best time of year ;)

My parents, Jason and I went bright and early to enjoy the first day of the fair. We got there at 7 AM, before anything opened and it was so nice to be able to park nearby on the street, for free!

We like to get there early when the animal barns and the grandstand (shopping for mostly things you don't need!) are not as busy and you can get in and out in a timely fashion. It really works out great. Since we were there so early Amelia even got to walk a sheep. Yes, you read that right. She walked a sheep. In fact, she ran up to the sheep owner and ripped the leash out of his hand. Luckily, he was kind and said she could walk "Fannie" - so she did!

It was so cute! We saw lots of animals and Amelia loved every bit of it! In fact, by the time we were done in the animal barns she crashed and took a two hour nap while we walked through the grandstand! I think she slept so long because we reclined the stroller seat all the way back flat.

Amelia loved the John Deere tractors! She loves tractors much to her Nana's dismay. We let her sit on a few and she was so serious about "driving" them that she would not even look up for a picture!

It is true what they say up here - you can put anything on a stick! Check out this Texas steak dinner on a stick my mom and I shared:

It was actually very tasty! It just happened to be there when we were both getting hungry and needed something with some substance so we gave it a shot and it was great! Amelia took a second nap in the afternoon (score!) and for that one she fell asleep upright even.

In the agriculture building I got an apple cider freeze and it was so delicious! It made me crave fall even more - if that was possible. I got another one for Amelia after her nap since we are pretty convinced she is teething right now.

You could not take that thing away from her, she loved it that much!

My mom got a new rolling cart and Amelia was pretty insistent on "helping" her wheel it around...


Those were pretty much the highlights of our day at the fair so here are a few more pictures to share:

My mom, sister, Amelia and I are headed back to the fair on Wednesday for some more food and fun!

*If you noticed Amelia in several outfits, you should know we went through three sets of clothes! I was amazed.

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