Thursday, August 12, 2010

Friday Fails - Mold

I have had so many fails the past few weeks! Some I have forgotten about and others aren't that interesting. One "fail" that I think is somewhat interesting is this one:

Yep, that is what it looks like! We went to our storage unit to get a few things and I discovered my old work shoes completely molded. The shoes were covered in popcorn oil and soda syrup so we figured that was why they molded in the humidity of the storage unit. (Next we discovered Jason's golf bag was molded, so we knew that wasn't it!)

This isn't a true fail on my part but I figured this was a good place to share about it since we did kind of fail...we failed to put anything in the unit to absorb all the moisture! We went today and put a bucket of DampRid in there so that should hopefully help out the rest of this muggy MN summer!

We've had plenty more fails the past couple of weeks like consistently forgetting to bring lists to stores so we get things we don't even need and get things we didn't need on a whim, we didn't bring the mail in for at least 4 days last week and many more!

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Kimberly said...

I've never heard of damp rid before, will totally look into that!! Our basement gets damp, we should probably run a dehumidifier all the time, but it uses so much electricity! Too bad about your shoes!