Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Birthday, a Wedding and More

We have had a pretty full weekend! Yesterday was Jason's 27th birthday and we had a wedding to go to in the afternoon (my friend from Buffalo Wild Wings, Molly) - but not before we slept in...thank you, Amelia! The wedding we went to was at the historic courthouse in Stillwater and it was so beautiful!

Molly and Nate's girls were their flower girls!

The ceiling in the banquet hall was so, so pretty!

After the wedding, Jason and I went for a walk in downtown Stillwater since it had cooled down.

After that we went home and went to bed early!

Today we all had lunch together for Jason's birthday and gave hime his gifts. We all chipped in and got him a new iPod! Amelia enjoyed the ribbons from the wrapping!

She actually put this on her own head!

After lunch my mom, sister and I went and got mani/pedis. It was my first and I think it turned out pretty nice:

This evening we have been playing some Wii bowling and sitting around. Everyone is pretty tired after this weekend!

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