Thursday, August 05, 2010

A Fun Evening Outside

This evening we enjoyed some time outside since the humidity was only 50%! It felt so nice out! Jason's friend Nick and his family came over and we grilled dinner and they all swam in the pool while Amelia and I explored the yard!

Jason and Nick took turns jumping into the pool and making "tidal waves" for Nick's sons to play in.

They even teamed up and jumped together:

While we were all watching the pool show Amelia made her way to the patio and I found her digging in Nick's cheese popcorn!

That girl does love her food...especially popcorn!

Amelia is going to be leaving us for the weekend :( My parents are taking her with them to Indiana for the weekend. We are going to miss our little squirt!!! It is all working out great though. We had some work scheduling conflicts that are now resolved since we don't have a squirt to care for!

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