Friday, August 13, 2010

Catching Up

Where have I been this week?! We have been busy - that's all.

Amelia's trip to IN last weekend went well it sounds like. She got to see my side of the family - including her cousin, P.

We let Amelia out at Target for the first time Monday night and she loved it! We let her out in the toy section which we thought might be a bit dangerous but all she wanted was a giant ball. She constantly went to the ball cage when we would try and move her to other toys.

We had decided to get her a toy and since the balls were obviously her favorite that is what she got!

All I can say is, way to go Amelia! Balls are only $2!

We spent Tuesday night in St. Paul at Regions Hospital visiting Amelia's Nana. She had a minor heart attack over the weekend and had to stay overnight at Regions after seeing her doctor. She is ok! Amelia had a ball at the hospital so I don't think she minded spending 2 days there ;)

Nana was released Wednesday and we all went to dinner since she hadn't really eaten much in the preivous 48 hours. Amelia had to leave the building at one point...

She just has so much energy lately and has a hard time sitting still when we would like her to!

Yesterday Jason and I went to Once Upon a Child to look for some more PJs for this winter and we found some...along with a few other things!

A couple of these things were brand new!

Last night Jason and I made dinner for my parents at their house. We had steak kabobs and they were delicious!

Tonight Amelia and I hung out with my parents. We dropped off our #5 plastics at the co-op in Stillwater and they had a cart just Amelia's size!

That's the short version of what this week has looked like for us!

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Kimberly said...

Your kabobs look SOOO delicious you made me hungry!