Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Fails - Diapers and Cards

I have had several "fails" this past week. As usual. Here are a few to share!

We are usually pretty good about emptying out Amelia's diaper pail when it gets full. Sometimes (usually) a few diapers that don't fit sit out and remind us to change the bag. Over the weekend that did not happen. Instead, we used an empty diaper box as a makeshift diaper pail:

I am actually pretty grossed out reflecting on this! The smell? Yeah. I can't even believe we let it go that long. Gross! I got it all cleaned up and got the diaper/wipe corner all organized.

Things have been great since!

My second "fail" to share is about buying cards. Specifically, wedding cards. As you saw in my last post, Jason and I attended a wedding last weekend. I got the gift a few weeks in advance and let it sit in a bag until the day of the wedding. On a trip to Target about a week before the wedding I got a card since I realized I'd be wrapping the gift soon.

The day of the wedding I sent Jason into Target for wrapping supplies and he came out all proud and told me, "I even got a card!" I told him I had got one too and we decided one extra was ok to have around. We got to my mom's house to drop Amelia off and wrap and in the bag with the gift was another card. Yep, I got one the day I bought the gift. I was more on top of it than I usually am apparently!

So, in all we bought three cards for one wedding. Definately a FAIL!

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Confessions From A Working Mom said...

LOL, your fails are mine today! We've just been tossing G's diapers in the kitchen trash can (YUCK!) because I've determined the Diaper Champ (same as yours, I believe-- oh, and we use Target diapers, too!) is too smelly to use. Isn't that an oxymoron? And, I am going to a baby shower tomorrow sans card... I plum forgot, and don't have time to run out and get one! It's the gift that counts anyway, right?