Thursday, August 19, 2010

Friday Fails - Diaper Bag Fail v. 3

I have yet another diaper bag fail. You would think I would learn from my preivous diaper bag mistakes but apparently I don't!

This evening I ran to Target and decided not to bring the diaper bag since we wouldn't be gone too long and Amelia had just had a diaper change. Hhmmm. Not such a great idea in retrospect. I ended up meeting my mom and dad for dinner with no diaper bag which meant no baby supplies!

I picked up some more diapers while at Target and already had a case of wipes in the trunk that I got on clearance a few days ago. I was able to change her wet diaper before dinner thanks to my Saturn and it's passenger seat that folds down flat and is hard on the backside! I also have a quad-coupe, so the doors open opposite each other making on wide opening. Like this:

Amelia didn't seem to mind and she was much more calm during this "Saturn" diaper change than she is at home! Maybe we need to make her a changing table out of an old Saturn since she loves her red car so much. Then again, maybe not.

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Rachel said...

Okay, so I am a little jealous of the diaper changing friendliness of your car!! I cannot easily change my son in the seats of my vehicle! I always have to go to the back (of my small SUV) to get him on a flat surface!

Kimberly said...

Jealous as well!