Saturday, August 07, 2010

Friday Night Fun

Last night I drove down to St. Peter, MN (near Mankato) to meet a friend who I met in Milwaukee for dinner! She recently moved to MN for graduate school and it is nice having her just a couple of hours away!

We had dinner at a pizza place and finished an entire pizza and an entire order of monkey bread. It was a ton of food!

We walked around downtown St. Peter afterwards and windo shopped. There was this little Swedish shop that had some really cool glass in the window that we both loved!

Sarah goes to school at UM - Mankato...where the Vikings have their pre-season training. There is crazy security in the building she lives in because the players are staying there too! I took a picture of her parking pass to show Jason because I thought he would think it was cool (and he did).

It was really nice to get to visit with Sarah without Amelia there taking away 80% of my concentration! We had some really good conversation and it was peaceful. Imagine that! I can't ;) I really can't since we just heard from my parents who went to dinner with Amelia and my mom's parents and Amelia has been being so loud that people are requesting to not sit on the same side of the restaurant as them. I think she is mostly happy and not mad. She is just that loud. She is seriously the loudest baby that I have ever met. She has always been that way!

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