Saturday, June 12, 2010

Successful Move

Wednesday was the big day. We had a goal to leave by noon but in reality we didn't leave until 3:30! We were pretty organized in packing and loading until the the end we just kind of threw things in and even threw things away just so we didn't have to deal with them. We even left a TV because there just wasn't room and we figured someone will get use of it. The downside to that is that we will need to purchase a new TV when we move into our next apartment!

Jason's friend, Ben, drove up with us to help Jason unload everything and so he could visit Hudson. He and Jason met in Hudson and it was coincidence that they both ended up in Milwaukee, where they got back in touch. I felt pretty sad as we drove across the Hoan Bridge one last time and I caught one last glance of the city:

We had wonderful driving weather and arrived in town just at dusk.

We were greeted by family and unloaded only what we would need for the night. After visiting for awhile we all went to bed, exhausted.

Thursday we went to our storage unit to unload our things. We sorted out what we would want in the coming months for sure, put things we might need towards the front and things we definately would not need in the way back. It went fast since we had lots of help unloading!

After returning the truck we all had lunch at a new place in town, Shanghai Bistro. Jason's siter, Liz, just got a job there - bartending. They have $4 lunches and it was pretty good and just the right amount of food!

We have been slowly getting into the swing of things here again. I am missing Milwaukee a little more than Jason but I know that will pass. I did live there twice as long as he did after all! Next week I start my job search so hopefully something will come up, fast!

Ben left yesterday.

He has been such a help to our family these past few months and it was nice he could make the trip with us.

I think Amelia is enjoying life at grandpa's house:

Maybe that is what we will call this blog now, "Life at Grandpa's"...?

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