Friday, June 04, 2010

Final Weekend

Today started our final weekend in Milwaukee. It was very bittersweet at work today. I have always enjoyed working Fridays. I usually work alone on Fridays so I get more of a chance to talk with "my" regulars etc.

Another thing I love about Fridays is getting to talk with my friend, Bill.

Bill plays the organ at the theatre on Friday evenings before the 7 o'clock film in the main house. He is 93-years old. Don't let that fool you, he gets around amazingly for his age! He drives himself all over town and knows all the best places to eat. We talk about food a lot.

Today, he finally got to meet Jason and Amelia. I had Jason come in for a visit so Bill could meet Amelia before we left. I will miss seeing him every week and just talking about nothing! He is very happy that we will be near our families though. We exchanged addresses and he assured me he would write. I know I will write him when I can. He has been a good friend to me the past two years!

After I got off work, Jason and I decided we wanted Oakland Gyros one last time before we left Milwaukee.

It was great, as usual! Where else can you eat for $12 and be stuffed? Not many places for us! After we ate we went through the DQ drive-thru and got a small strawberry golden oreo blizzard to try since the ads are plastered all over TV! It was pretty good. Jason still prefers regular oreo blizzards but I think I'd order the strawberry one again.

We are home now. It is incredibly humid in our apartment. I think we will probably crawl into bed pretty soon!

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