Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Fails - Diaper Bag (v. 2.0)

I did it yet again! My diaper bag is almost always missing something the past few weeks. Take last night for example. Last night we were at my parent's house and we went to the park after dinner. Amelia, of course, was in need of a bath after playing. So, we gave her a bath and I didn't have any spare clothes! Instead of letting her run around naked, I fashioned her this dress:

It is made out of one of my sister's tank tops! As you can see, it was a little long so I fixed that:

This is what happens when your diaper bag is not stocked! This "fail" has become a weekly one for me. I am not even suprised when I dig and dig and don't find soemthing I need in the diaper bag!

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Nonsensicalgirl said...

I totally remember those days! It was always so frustrating to be out and need something, only to realize you didn't bring it with you! I haven't experienced that with a diaper bag in a while since my youngest just turned 5, but when baby #3 gets here in a few weeks I'm sure I'll be right there with you!
Thanks for's fun reading everyone else's fails. :-)

Tyra (from My Many Musings)