Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day and Swimming

Father's Day Jason's family came over and we had a grill out at grandpa's. We had ribeyes, steakhouse potato salad, bruschetta salad and Jason's grandma's recipe baked beans.

It was perfect weather out so we spent the whole afternoon outside. Once Amelia was up from her nap, she was trying her hardest to get into the pool area!

Poor girl. Mommy didn't have a swimsuit yet and the pool was a little chilly for us so she didn't get to swim.

Amelia and I had dinner with my dad in Minneapolis. We tried out a new coal-fired oven place that was really good! I don't have any pictures because Amelia was so terrible I almost left the restaurant. I was that embarassed. I did get a picture of Amelia with her grandpa before we headed home for the night:

I did go shopping today with my friend Marie for a swimsuit and had success! When we got back it was 90 degrees out so we decided taking a swim was necessary. Good thing Marie got herself another suit today as well! It was Amelia's first time in a big pool and she did really great!

We got her this monster towel since she has outgrown her infant hooded towels. It will get some good use this summer!

By the end of this summer Amelia will be quite the little fish!

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