Thursday, June 03, 2010

Paper Plates and Packing

We are keeping busy! We leave Milwaukee in just 6 short days. I have been busy packing. Jason? He has been busy doing things like this:

We have quite the collection of packed boxes going in our hallway:

I even took the plunge and bought my first package of paper plates ever.

I did it so that we could get started on packing the kitchen up and this afternoon that is just what I did! I have plates and glasses packed so far. I never buy paper products. In fact, I still have 4th of July napkins and blue plastic bowls that a friend brought over in the summer of '07 for ice cream in my cabinet. I just never use throw away dishes. That's probably not a bad thing!

I did leave out Amelia's dishes since she is just getting used to using them.

We are making great progress. As long as there is food on/in her dish she usually doesn't try and throw it. She looks so grown up with her own dishes!

Amelia has been keeping busy while I am packing this week. She plays with her bear non-stop...

...and follows her Ducky around and into boxes...

Those two are becoming pretty great friends as of late!

I, of course, took a break to cuddle with my girl this afternoon because she never wants to cuddle. Ever.

She must have been pretty tired!

I did manage to put her down so I could get some things done and eat dinner in peace for once!

That's all for now, there is plenty to do!

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