Thursday, June 03, 2010

15 Month Appointment

Amelia had her 15-month appointment yesterday afternoon! She is doing great. She is only 22 pounds but she is 31.5 inches long! She follows her height growth curve almost perfectly but she tends to fall off her weight growth curve every couple of visits. Nothing to be worried about!

She had her finger pricked to check her lead levels so that we will know it when we leave Milwaukee. She was pretty upset and then confused by the band-aid on her finger!

She got her booster shots and we were on our way! We went out for lunch and let Amelia feed herself like the big girl that she is:

Of course, we forgot a bib. Oh well!

Her next appointment (18-months) will be with a new doctor. Hopefully he/she is as great as Dr. Hing has been!

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