Friday, June 25, 2010

"Quick" Trip to the "Cabin"

Wednesday Marie and I headed up north to her cabin for a quick overnight trip. Her dad is in the process of re-building the cabin into his retirement home. We were met with a much different scene than usual:

They had to cut down eleven trees to make room for the larger home and for the semis to get in with the building materials. Marie and I were enlisted to help turn this pile of logs into firewood.

Our drive up started out just beautiful:

However, it quickly turned into this:

We were pretty bummed about not being able to hop in the lake and enjoy being up north for the afternoon. Instead, we sat in the garage, with no electricity and played Phase 10. When the rain let up at one point we rushed to pitch our tent before the next rain cloud got to us. We were successful!

Since the cabin was torn down a few weeks ago, tenting was our only option (besides staying with the neighbors...). We are pretty sure that a wolf visited our tent in the middle of the night! I woke up to snarling and growling outside, right by my head. I froze and just laid there a while. In the morning we found wolf tracks and a huge pile of poop (too big to be from the dogs!). Marie also woke up in the middle of the night, to something playing in the lake. She is convinced it was a bear because there have been a couple seen the area regularily the past few weeks.

We had a pretty great view from our tent window:

It was pretty neat to be up there while they were bringing in pieces for the house and watching them put it up!

We only worked on the log pile Thursday afternoon since there were some things Marie's dad had to get done in town. Here is our wood pile:

It doesn't look like much but it was for the time we spent! Between chainsaw issues and not being able to start until the afternoon, we did pretty well.

The real fun started yesterday evening when it was time to go. Marie's car wouldn't start! Nothing would happen. It wouldn't even turn over. From what the tow truck driver could tell, it seemed like the security system was preventing the car from starting.

We had to leave it up there and Marie's dad went way out of his way to bring us halfway home, to Ladysmith, and Marie's fiance, Jordan, had to meet us there to bring us home.

Thank goodness he opened yesterday so his evening was free and he could come get us! Lucy (their dog) seemed happy to see him :) I enjoyed my view from the back seat:

Marie's car is already ready to be picked up because the only thing wrong was a blown fuse! How frustrating! At least she can rest easy knowing that it won't cost her an arm and a leg to fix. The only downside is she needs to find someone to bring her back up there to get the car!

Our trip was nothing like we expected but it all worked out in the end!

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