Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Walks

We had some nice weather this weekend! By nice, I mean mid-thirties... We took advantage of the "warm" weather and went on a couple of family walks. Joey stayed all warm and cozy in his stroller on our walk to the school playground Saturday afternoon.

While at the playground we found a few playground balls that were left out and Amelia had fun playing "be-bah" (baseball) with them. Her version of baseball involved a soccer net so I am not sure what she was actually playing but she had fun!

Sunday afternoon we went over to my parent's house and broke in the kids' wagon that Santa brought them. I forgot to pack Joe's snowsuit so he rode in his carseat in the stroller and Amelia had the wagon all to herself. I think she preferred it that way! We walked nearly two miles!

After our walk we had BLT sandwiches! Amelia discovered a love for Cheeto puffs...her dinner was yogurt and probably a dozen Cheeto puffs! We're slowly working on expanding her taste buds. This weekend she re-discovered peas and was asking for them at meals. That's progress! She used to love them and just fell out of it somewhere between one and two. In fact, between one and two she became a pretty picky eater. Some nights all we can hope for is that she'll eat something - anything!

We had a good weekend! Hopefully that will set us up for a good week :)

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