Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Rough Week

We are having a rough week around here. This is Jason's first full week on overtime at work - which means he is getting home just after 1 a.m. instead of just after 10 p.m. It might seem like no big deal but keep in mind that I get up for work at 3:30 a.m. so if children (Joey in particular) will not go to bed I now have no relief. I have to stay up until everyone is in bed and sleeping. Yesterday night that was 11 p.m. I got into bed by 11:15.

Another factor in this rough week is this:

I woke up like this Monday morning with a fever. Needless to say I called in to work and went back to bed. The fever broke before lunch but I still felt tired - probably because I never sleep - so I went back to bed until Jason had to leave for work. Yesterday morning the eye wasn't any better so I went in to see a doctor. There is no sign of infection and he seems to think it is an allergic reaction to something. I have drops to put in four times a day and am doing cold compresses when I can. Other than that I have to wait it out. There is little pain associated with it but it is very uncomfortable and my eye gets "tired" quickly.

Amelia is a ball of energy, as usual. I continue to be thankful for the "little helper" in her. Last night she had her bath, I took a shower and as I was getting dressed she was all over the place and I kept saying, "next we'll give Joe a bath and then we can play." Eventually she came into my room with an orange rag which I assumed was her Dora washcloth that I made her leave in the tub because it was wet. I started to scold her and then realized it was a baby washcloth. So I went down the hall and into the bathroom and found this:

She had drug the baby bath tub into the bathroom from the kitchen and put it into the tub. She had gotten him a clean towel and laid it out on the floor, just like I do. In her hand she had two washcloths. We always use two for him. One to cover his boy parts and one to wash him with. She is so smart and so helpful! I teared up a little at this gesture. It had been that bad of a night that my (almost) 3-year-old getting a few towels out made me cry.

We gave Joe his bath and went on with the night. It was still not an ideal night. I still was frustrated beyond belief. I still would have given nearly anything for Amelia to go to bed so I could focus on getting Joe to bed so I could get to bed. But in the end I realized that there are far worse things than children who have a hard time with bedtime and there are people with terrible eye problems - not just some swelling. I went to bed - happy with the promise of a fresh start in the morning. And today was better. Not great - but better.

I have a ton of cute pictures to share but for now, Joe is currently sleeping and Amelia is watching Diego...I think I am going to brave crawling into bed pretty quick here!

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