Thursday, February 23, 2012

Squeaky Clean

Afternoon baths left me with two fresh smelling kids to spend the evening with!

We had a pretty good night until it was time to get Amelia to bed. Long story short? All three of us were in tears at one point. Joe was screaming in his swing while Amelia cried because she lost her Boots the monkey figurine and I was crying out of frustration. Yep.

We eventually found Boots and she got to bed where she proceeded to pass out almost instantly. I made sure she put her Dora and Boots figurines (from my birthday cake last year...) into her Dora purse. You know, so we would know where they are tomorrow. And tomorrow? I'll tell her, once again, to put them into her Dora purse when they are not in active play. I do not wish to repeat tonight's events.

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