Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day at the Mall

Amelia's third birthday is this weekend! Yesterday Auntie Kim brought us to Sea Life MN in the Mall of America to celebrate! It had been about a year and a half since we had been there and in that time it was remodeled so it was a little bit different than we remembered it!

The jellyfish were a hit with Amelia again!

After Sea Life we went to Nickelodeon Universe theme park. I got enough tickets for Amelia to go on three rides. She went on the carousel, Azul's Adventure (the train from Dora) and Wonder Pets Flyboat (they sit on a bench and it went up and bounced down several times.) I went on everything but the flyboat with her - she asked me to sit next to her but I knew she could do it alone!

She did well until the last time it went up. She started to cry a little bit at that point.

Waiting in line for rides was the most patient I have ever seen this girl! She was so mesmerized by everything.

Before we headed out we had a late lunch/early dinner at one of the mall's food courts. Amelia was excited about her crown!

This little guy was a trooper all day long! He sat in his stroller content and (mostly) happy the entire day :)

We made a few stops on our way home from the mall making it a nice, full, long day. Everyone was pretty tired by the time we made it home! I got Amelia into her bed and went to get her the milk she asked for and by the time I got back with it she was out cold! We all slept pretty good last night!

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