Monday, February 27, 2012

Birthday Weekend

I should preface this post with this - I completely failed at taking pictures this weekend! Amelia is at a point where she doesn't really want her picture taken most of the time so I just didn't try as hard as I normally do. It wasn't worth upsetting her on her birthday!

Saturday night we had dinner with my family at Yarusso Bros Italian Restaurant. We had never been there but it was a hit! Amelia had about half a loaf of bread with butter and a good chunk of her spaghetti. It was the most I have seen her eat in one sitting in a long, long time - so it must be good!

In addition to dinner we did gifts and had cake and ice cream with my parents and sister.

Sunday we had dinner at Jason's sister Liz's house. She did tacos - which were delicious! After dinner Amelia opened gifts and I think she was more excited about all the tissue paper than anything :) Gifts were followed up with cake and ice cream!

Amelia's cake and cupcakes were Dora themed which she loved! I loved that the Dora/Diego cake had Dora and Boots figurines we have spares now! We had the same toppers on my birthday cake last year and they are one of Amelia's favorite toys now. Boots got lost one night last week and bedtime was impossible until he was found.

This third birthday weekend was low-key and that is just fine with us. Jason and I have been very drained of energy the past few weeks. Our work schedules are not allowing for adequate rest and it's been taking it's toll on us. Thank you to our families for planning and executing everything this weekend! We appreciate it more than you know.

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