Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Three Years Stats

Today was Amelia's three year well visit! As soon as nurse Emily wanted to check her blood pressure she got a little concerned:

So, instead of her getting her blood pressure checked her orange pony got his done by a highly qualified Dr. Amelia :)

What? A shot?
She had her Hep A shot. She did great.

Now for her stats and stuff:
  • 35 pounds, 85th percentile
  • 40 inches, 95th percentile
  • Sleeping around10-12 hours a night with varying bedtimes between 8 and 9ish p.m. and wake times varying from 7 to 9 a.m.
  • Favorite foods are mac 'n' cheese, cheese ravioli and tortellini, waffles, Uh-Ohs (spaghettios) and peas (they recently made a comeback!)
  • Favorite snacks are cookies, fruit snacks and cheez-its
  • Dora and Diego ("Go-ah and Gee-go") are major, major hits with this girl. We have started to have to limit her TV because she'd watch those guys 24/7 if we let her!
  • My Little Ponies are a new interest. She loves to watch the original movie (from my childhood) before bed right now
  • Her speech is improving with each passing week which has made life so, so much easier
  • She is now attending an early childhood speech class two days a week at the local elementary school for an hour and a half each day
  • Her favorite toys are animal figurines, anything Dora or Diego, cars, bubbles and her new Little People pirate ship she got for her birthday
  • She is trying to dress and undress herself more and more but it is something I need to be better about encouraging her to try and do on her own
  • She is mommy and daddy's little helper - even when we would just rather do things alone!

We have a healthy and happy three year old girl! We love her very much! She brings so much joy (and frustration) to our lives :)

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