Monday, May 17, 2010

Our Day Alone

Amelia and I have been on our own all day. Jason got stuck working open to close because someone is "sick" (read - a likely hangover) and no one would work for said person, so since Jason was there he was conned into it. Can you tell I am a little bitter? We have this one night at home together and now I am here, alone, eating fruity pebbles for dinner because there is no point in cooking for just me.

Amelia and I had a pretty good day. We even rented a movie for Jason and I tonight and then promptly returned it since he wasn't even going to be home. It was one that we both want to see so I figured I should wait for him.

Amelia is turning into quite the climber lately.

This morning she figured out she can reach everything on the end table if she stands in her toy box.

We spent a lot of time following Lucky around the house. He is very tolerant of Amelia and just kind of wanders around, lets her climb on him, tug on him and "pet" him. When he rolls over for belly rubs she takes that as a sign that he wants to be played like a set of bongos. I do work with her on playing nicely with him and petting him, instead of hitting him, and we are making some progress.

She even shared "her" cat toy with him. What a nice girl! She loves that toy so much it is silly! Look at her posing with it:

Told you she was silly!

She also made some messes for me today, as usual. One mess that I have been able to avoid for quite some time is her bookshelf. I put a rubbermaid in front of it, which holds her 12 month clothes - which we are still using, to keep her away from her books when I am not around. Today, she managed to move the rubber maid aside...

...and take all her books off the top shelf. As usual! She heard me coming and I think that is why she is posing like she did nothing wrong! Here is a view of all her books she removed!

I had a pretty good day with my silly girl.

Lastly, here is a video of Amelia's new favorite game!

That's right, she is learning how to put things into things and then remove them. It is fun! I love that she is learning how to "pick things up" (ie-put them away, in a sense).

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