Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Farewells and Birds

Today, Amelia and I met up with our friend Sarah (Amelia's birthday buddy) and went walking by the lake. It was such a gorgeous day to be on the lakefront. Eventually we met up with another friend, Chelsea, and had slushies at Bella's.

Chelsea is leaving for CO to work at a summer camp in a few weeks and Sarah is doing some traveling before she moves to Mankato in July, so today was likely the last time we will all be together for awhile.

On that note, I am sure most everyone has heard but just in case...we are moving back to MN soon. We don't have a timeline but we do know it will be this summer and likely towards the beginning vs the end. There is so much going on right now, so much for us to think about and so much for us to do! Be patient with us, we will have details when we have them. No sooner.

We went on another walk this evening as a family and found something very cool! We walked down to the ferry building and looked out at the lake and towards the city. Jason noticed some killdeer birds and their behavior and realized we were close to their nest. He found it and we were able to see two unhatched eggs and two new baby birds. It was pretty cool!

It was really cool to observe their behavior when we were near their nest. They act injured and try and lure you away from their eggs/babies. Here are some pictures of this behavior that we got:

I thought it was pretty cool. You can go here and read about the killdeer!

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