Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Auntie K is Here

Yesterday my sister arrived in Milwaukee around lunch time. Later in the afternoon we headed over to the Mitchell Park Domes since the weather was gray and misty. We got there and I had brought my good camera but I forgot the memory card on the microwave! Luckily Kim had her camera in her purse so we got some pictures while we were there.

Last night Jason and I attended Financial Peace together, which was nice as it was on mortgages and such!

Today we headed to Miller Park to see the Brewers take on the Braves!

It was in the 40s out today and rain was expected so the dome was closed:

And of course, we enjoyed the sausage race of the sixth inning:

Chorizo won by a lot this afternoon. (click image to enlarge it!)

Amelia had a bath and a bottle this evening and is now getting some rest after her long day!

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