Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Financial Peace University Update

We are still in our Financial Peace class and are nearing the end! The past few weeks have been about some things that are a little beyond us, right now, but still very informative!

We missed the lesson on mutual funds and Jason is looking forward to the night we sit down and listen to that one. He was pretty bummed when he realized that was the class that we missed! Last week he learned all about saving for retirement and college. We have a lot of work to do but we are hoping that we can fund Amelia's college for her by making some key decisions/choices now.

Tonight was a very good lesson for me to be attending. It was about jobs and working your strengths. It was a really big encouragment to me, especially since I just discussed with my friends jobs vs careers! Perfect timing! I am still dreading the move home and searching for a new job but after tonight I think I will have a better plan of attack.

Jason and I have fully funded our emergency fund, which is baby step one in the program and are working on baby step two...eliminating debt. We have paid off one of our credit cards as of last week and it is such a great feeling! I plan on cancelling it this week and shredding it. That will be a great feeling! I think we can also get one of Jason's cards paid of and cancelled this month which will feel even better!

I am so excited that this class is almost over! Don't get me wrong, we are learning a lot but the weather is just getting so nice and I would rather be grilling and taking walks by the water instead of sitting in the church cafe!

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