Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Amelia and I spent the day together while Jason worked. I stayed in bed until around 10 because I didn't get home from work until 3 a.m. and my shoulder was throbbing*. Once we were out of bed we got right to the playing and waiting for daddy to come home from work.

*For the past week I have had severe pain in my right shoulder/neck and it really is becoming quite the burden.

Once Jason was home, we got ready and went to drop his car off at a shop so it can be looked at this week. After that we went to the Olive Garden (somewhere I like, Jason tolerates and we rarely go). Well, there was quite the wait (1 hour) but we waited, knowing anywhere else we went would be crazy too. It was nice enough out that we were able to wait outside and feed Amelia her veggies we brought with.

Dinner was good. I tried something new tonight which is rare. I am a creature of habit and tend to order the same thing whenever I return to a restaurant which Jason doesn't understand!

We had a little diaper incident while we were out so Amelia needed a bath once we got home! After that I gave her her bedtime bottle and Jason put her to bed.

He and I are just relaxing, on our computers, for now and will crawl into bed any minute. We are wiped out!

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