Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Flowers and Pizza

Last night, on our walk, Amelia got her first flower from her daddy. It was a lilac and she held onto it for a long time!

On our way home from our walk we constantly said, "Bella's sounds good for dinner. Let's just do that" or "Palomino smells good and it is so nice out. We should just eat on their patio since it such a nice evening" and then we would say "No. We should go home" and go home is what we did. We made homemade pizza and it was delicious!

I think next time we will do two smaller pizzas so we can each have it our own way. Jason likes a lot of pepperonis, almost too many for my taste! We had garlic breadsticks and our pizza and estimated that we spent about six or seven dollars. Much cheaper than delivery and even, when you account for the breadsticks and larger size pizza, cheaper than frozen pizza and so much tastier!

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