Monday, March 15, 2010

Sister Weekend

My sister drove down on Saturday morning because she was off for a couple of days. She got here at 10 on Saturday morning and we went to the art museum since she had never been there before.

I had this bright idea that I didn't want to pay for parking so we would park on the street. For free. There is a small strip of road a short walk away with free parking. You guessed it, it was full. So, still not wanting to pay for parking, I drove us down the lakefront and parked. It really wasn't that far, just a quick 15 minute walk in the cold wind...

Amelia sure does like going to the museum:

She loves looking at all the colors!

Now that she is a little older we went down to the chair park:

Amelia picked the yellow chair to sit in:

Downstairs they also have a new area about green furniture. Amelia tried out a chair made from bike parts:

Then she fell off of a low couch and we headed out... On our way out we stopped in the store and Amelia got two new books. We gave choices. We would hold up a stuffed animal or a toy and she always wanted a book. Here she is checking out one of her new books in the car:

Then we got home and saw daddy:

He requested that I explain this picture, well. Amelia was still in her carseat and Jason was making faces at her through the window. Then he started blowing on the window to make her laugh and I was able to capture the moment. Quite well, I think.

Saturday night we went to Wal-Mart to get household items and groceries. Yes, we grocery shop at Wal-Mart. This was our second time. One stop is just so much easier than two and the prices are also nicer (usually) at Wal-Mart. After getting home and eating dinner, Kim and I went to see the new Alice in Wonderland at my work. Gotta love free movies, free popcorn and free soda! Now if only we could find a free babysitter...then Jason and I could see more movies!

Sunday morning we woke up and were all mixed up with the time and didn't end up making it to church. We played for a bit. Amelia's toy piggy bank was the big hit of the morning:

At one point, Amelia just sort of slowly leaned back with one of the coins:

When it was time to move, she would just shove the coin in her mouth and leave it there:

What a funny girl!

Kim left late in the afternoon yesterday. I picked up the house, kind of, and got ready for work. That was our weekend! It was full of girl-time!

Thanks for the visit, Kim!

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Confessions From A Working Mom said...

That looks like a fun trip! Makes me wish I had a sister :(

When I first saw all the chairs, I thought they were an art exhibit, and I was nervous when I saw Amelia sitting in one! Glad to know they're totally sit-able!

Confessions From A Working Mom