Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Rest of Our Week

Amelia and I are back in Milwaukee now, exhausted. We did do much fun stuff while we were home! My mom and sister have Wednesdays off, so we had a fun day planned. It started out with Amelia's one-year pictures at Target. We got some good ones, suprisingly, despite Amelia being a royal pain. It was nap time, so she had her reasons. I will share those pictures when I get them!

After Target, we headed to the Mall of America. My dad had picked up some discounted, pre-paid tickets for Underwater World from his work for us! Amelia loves fish tanks, so we thought she would have a blast. She did! She was so excited. Here are some pictures from our time there:

Baby sharks:

Group shot in the "North Woods Walk":

I like it when the animals are laying on the glass like this:

Amelia rode around like this a lot:

They have a cool new jellyfish exhibit that opened last week. It was a big hit with Amelia!

We took Amelia on the carousel and this is how it went:

Not well! She was so scared :(

On our way home from the mall, we saw some turkeys!

For dinner, Amelia and I headed to Lisa's house to grill with her and Marie. I don't have any pictures but I do have this video:

Lisa has a stash of toys at her house for her nieces. Amelia loved this one!

Thursday we ended up staying in MN instead of driving home because I didn't work until late Friday. Since we had the day and everyone was at work, we went to go visit Sarah (Lisa's sister) and her famliy since we hadn't seen them in almost a year! It took us about an hour and a half to get there and it was such a nice drive! Once we got there, we were greeted by this little guy:

He just hopped right in and then went back to see Amelia:

His name is Twin (after the MN Twins). Their other kitty is Viking (yep, after the MN Vikings).

While we were there, we enjoyed some outside playtime in the cold (high 20s). Amelia borrowed a fleece suit from Sarah's youngest, E, so she could play outside with the big girls while E napped! R brought Amelia their Little Tikes car and we were sure Amelia wouldn't know what to do with it so we told the girls to be careful and not push it because Amelia would probably just stand with it. Well, she suprised us both and climbed right in and started "driving":

I told you all she was a smart girl! It must be all that time she spends in the car...

R and H "made thunder" on top of the car, which Amelia thought was great:

We had a great time with our friends!

We spent Thursday night at home since we had barely seen my dad on our visit. We grilled some steak and had baked potatoes. It was a pretty relaxing night, which I really needed.

Friday morning, I needed a new tire... So my dad brought my car in right when they opened so I wouldn't be stuck there all day waiting for tires. Once he got back I loaded up the car and we went to Subway for lunch with Grandpa:

Our drive home was a little shorter than normal since we only stopped once! It was fairly peaceful too. Amelia napped most of the way and played with her toys. This guy, however, was so annoying:

Daddy was glad to see us when we got home! We unloaded the car and I got ready for a long night at work (we had a midnight movie). Yesterday Amelia and I finished unpacking everything, stopped by the bowling alley to see a friend and when daddy got home we did some cleaning! It was nice to have last night off to spend at home after a long week.

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