Friday, March 12, 2010

A Day With Daddy

Jason and Amelia spend Friday together, as it is the only day that I work during the daytime. When I left today, around lunchtime, I told Jason to take some pictures so I would have something to blog about. Well, he took about 115 joke!

So, here is their day. In pictures.


Our little patient*:

(*explanation here)

Happy to be home with my girl:

Quote from Jason (after I showed him the post preview), "I'm awesome". Followed by, "Yep. Supa awesome". I think he likes his photography skills. I would like them even more if more of the pictures he took turned out! He likes to try different angles and stuff to experiment. Today he was experimenting with no flash, so most of the pictures are all blurred. In some of them Amelia barely even shows up. Like this one:

(click to enlarge and see the weirdness)

We are crawling into bed for a movie now...if we can stay up for one that is!

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Bethany at 3SonsPlus1 said...

Great post! Your little girl is so adorable...and I love that self-portrait of Daddy, ha! :)