Sunday, March 28, 2010

Frugal Bookcase

We have been storing Amelia's books on the lower shelf of her changing table. As you can imagine, that shelf wasn't meant to hold that much weight! The shelf kept falling out on one side and I knew we needed another place to store books!

Anyone who has visited us knows about our dresser solution for Jason:

Stackable wire cubes! Jason had so much stuff piled on top that we were wanting to get a few more for him. Since they are only sold in 6-packs now, we hesitated since we only needed 2 or 3. My sister suggested that we use the extras as a bookcase for Amelia. Great idea! Except, as you can see, Jason cleared off and organized his "dresser" while I was gone so we don't need extra cubes for him!

So, we took Kim's idea and used two milk crates that have been sitting outside by our door for about a year and made a bookcase for Amelia:

I kept her holiday books seperate and they are still on that lower shelf of the changing table:

So much better!

At first I felt sad that we couldn't get her a real bookcase because of space and finance issues. Mostly space issues, though. Jason said he loved the milk crates and it looked nice. He then reminded me that this solution for book storage suits us. We like to recycle and re-use whenever we get the chance and this is just one more way we have been able to do that! Plus, we spent NO money on this :) That's what we call a win-win situation!

So that's our frugal, world-saving idea of the week!

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