Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Financial Peace University - Week 3

This week I went to class alone. We didn't have a sitter for Amelia :( That's ok though, we have all the lessons on CD as part of our membership kit and Jason did today's lesson on his own. (yay!)

Tonight we went into depth about budgets and cash flow planning. Wow. Once we get this down our lives will be so different. Dave says that we need to give each dollar a name, a purpose, before the start of each month. By doing so we will be able to have a zero-based plan, meaning, our income - our outflow = zero. Every dollar is accounted for. Money will go into savings, into paying bills, food etc. It is all accounted for and all "spent".

Working out our budget and cash flow plan will take us a few months to get right but I think we can do it! I have tried budgeting in the past but it just never worked. Since our income is based on our hourly wages and fluctuating hours it was hard for me. After tonight I feel like I can tackle it from a whole different angle and make it work.

So that is our homework this week. Budgeting and cash flow plans!

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