Sunday, January 09, 2011

Happy New Christmas Giving Year

Last night, Amelia, Jason and I had a holiday dinner with our friends Lisa, Al, Marie and Jordan. We weren't sure what exactly we were celebrating but came up with "Happy New Christmas Giving Year." We decided to do this a few months ago while carving pumpkins and yesterday was the first Saturday that no one had conflicts.

We did a full turkey dinner, watched football and played a few games. It was so fun to get a chance to hang out as a group. Amelia recieved a Christmas jumper after the holidays as a gift and this was the perfect chance for her to get to wear it!

I had wanted to get a picture of the seven of us but knew that might not happen so the girls took a picture early on in the evening:

I guess this one has us all in can see the three guys in the background watching football...

We are hoping to make this a yearly tradition!

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