Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

Last night Amelia and I had a girls night with Lisa and Marie! Lisa had her own pumpkin patch this year and it yielded around 30 pumpkins, wow! She gave some away but still had around 15 left so she invited Marie and I over to carve some. Amelia wasn't too interested in the whole process at first. She just kind of stared:

We eventually just let her run around and play and she eventually joined us on her own and found herself a chunk of pumpkin to "teeth" on:

It was pretty funny!

We had a lot of fun carving but it is hard work!

Marie got really into it and that's probably why she had the best pumpkin...and she finished first! Here are our finished products:

And a close-up of each one:

Lisa also carved this one yesterday afternoon:

We had a lot of fun last night and we hope to make this a Halloween tradition! Next year, Lisa's husband wants to try and grow giant pumpkins. Wouldn't that be fun? I hope they do it!

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