Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hanging at Target with Amelia

Amelia had her own agenda at target the other day. After her diaper change she got to stretch her legs a little while we looked for daddy. She did fine until she decided that her legs didn't work in electronics and I had a limp, laughing baby hanging off my arm. I let go and she proceeded to lay down in the middle of the aisle, put her hands behind her head and crossed her legs.

I carried her to another part of the store and she walked a little and then laid down again. Then she saw her daddy and ran to him. She picked out a banana and got herself a few Chiquita stickers. We made it to greeting cards and she laid down one more time while we looked for a card.

Life is never boring with Amelia around!

**I should also clarify - she was not throwing tantrums. She was in a great mood and was laughing the whole trip. She's just a little strange sometimes!

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