Saturday, January 01, 2011

A Quiet End to 2010

The last few days of 2010 were very quiet for our family. Nothing too interesting has happened around here. Amelia and I had a quiet New Year's Eve - just the two of us.

We had dinner at Culver's and then hit Target since I noticed at work that day that the Christmas decor went 75% clearance... We stocked up on LED lights for next year at $2.99 a box! Amelia even got a box of pink lights for her room because that girl loves, loves, loves lights!

This morning I got together for lunch, child-free I might add (between us we have 3), with my longest friend at the Olive Garden!

We have been going to OG since high school and it is so fun to get a chance to go there when she is home! Today was a special treat because we actually had a chance to talk without worrying about crayons falling, food flying and all the joys that come with eating out with little ones!

We hope everyone had a great 2010 and we wish them a blessed 2011!

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